Second Year Match Betting – Month Thirteen

I am finally into my second year of match betting. I never thought going into this match betting journey that I would be a year down the line making over £500 a month with plenty of future money making options ahead of me. If i a am truly honest I thought this would be something I would do for a few months, make a bit of money and then move on to some other money making idea.

I am a pretty open individual when it comes to making money online. I know there are plenty of people out there making great money in their spare time. So when I hear about an opportunity I will always give it time, rationalise the concept in my head and then do a bit of research. When I was introduced to Match Betting and the Profit Accumulator service it took me about a month to consider taking the next step. I remember thinking that £200 starting balance and a £125 subscription was a big investment. But a year later and £6k in pure profit shows it’s really nothing to worry about. And this is partly why I decided to make an open and transparent blog, something that is real to me. The blog helps me keep track and motivated, but also offers a real insight to anyone considering match betting.

For the month of September 2016, I made £487.18 match betting. This is just shy of my £500 target, but it was my birthday this month and I had a lot going on.

Next month will see the real kick off for my second-year match betting. In year two my aim is to smash the £10k mark and work towards £15k of pure profit. There are some really good offers around at the moment such as weekly refunds and accumulators, so I am pretty confident with my year’s experience that I will be able to hit this number.

If anyone ever wants any information, advice or has a comment to make please do so below. Always happy to help.



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