Match Betting Holiday – Month Twenty Two

Just like last month there simply are not as many offers kicking around in the summer months, but that’s OK its time for a holiday anyway. I was adamant when setting out with match betting that i would never let it get in the way of my day to day life. So for two weeks of this month i took some time off everything and enjoyed a holiday. Two weeks off still left two weeks to make some profit though, and i made a little bit.

For the month of July i made £214.69, which isn’t as much as normal, but when you consider i had two weeks off it makes sense. Due to the monthly profit being low, i only made and average of £7.16 made per day and £2.15 made per bet over 100 bets.

The good news is the Premier League is back next month. And more football means more offers and more offers typically means more profits. I imagine next month i will easily be able to get back to making £500 a month, maybe with the opportunity to make even more.

Match betting results updated here

Summer Drought – Month Twenty One

I have been match betting for long enough now to know that the summer months are often a drought for offers. For those match betters that are well into the horse racing it isn’t so bad, however, if like me you typically stick to the football offers then June is always a quiet time: Especially when there is no World Cup or Euros.

I knew June was going to be tough so i stuck to the basics and hit every simple offer that came in from Profit Accumulator. So even with less sports i managed to make 105 bets. In fact, June wasn’t bad at all and i was only £60 off my monthly target. I finished the month at £436.75 which means i earned £14.56 every single day and £4.16 earned per transaction.  

I have updated my monthly match betting results with the total betting transactions and monthly accumulating profits.

How I Made £10,000 Match Betting – Month Twenty

So it took me almost 20 months, but i have finally made over £10,000 from match betting. This feels like an awesome milestone, especially when i consider i started with just a few hundred pounds and a subscription to Profit Accumulator. Obviously i am slightly bias, but i genuinely believe this is the best thing i have ever done as its enabled me to become more financially free, to pay off credit cards and put money into savings / investments that wouldn’t have been possible without match betting.

Technically i reached the £10,000 milestone last month, but i didn’t realise until after writing April’s monthly blog post. This month i made a further £598.74 which takes my total profit since starting to £10,851.54. When you look at this from a profit per day point of view i made £19.96 in average per day and £4.50 per bet over 133 bets. This month was pretty efficient in terms of profit per bet and a fairly decent amount of bets made in total.

There is definitely a correlation between the amount of bets you place and the profit you make for the month, and i guess that’s why a lot of people on the Profit Accumulator forum will say the best strategy is to just hit as many offers as you can. I have gone into some ‘no brainer offers’ before and just about broken even vs some suspect looking casino offers that bring a great return. Ultimately there is always an element of luck with these things, but with match betting approach you are giving yourself the edge over the bookie. Sure you will lose some offers here and there, especially with casino offers, but over time, providing you do it right you will end up making a consistent profit.   

Next month is midsummer, which i imagine to be very quiet with the lack of football competition. I can’t wait for the World Cup next year as that will provide plenty of profit making opportunity over the summer months. So with the lack of betting opportunity around i’m going to set a sensible target of £500 for June. If i am honest i think this will be a stretch.

Monthly results updated

Making Money from Weekly Bet Clubs – Month Nineteen

So i thought April would be a bit of a comedown from Cheltenham Festival, but i am really happy to sit hear and say it wasn’t. April far exceeded my expectations, there was plenty to bet on and plenty of profit to be made.

For the month of April o made £670.79 in total over 190 bets. This meant i managed a daily average of £22.36 and a per bet average of £3.53. I find it really interesting after 19 months i am still averaging out at around £3.50 per bet- maybe it’s just a law of averages or the way in which i tackle match betting. I’m not saying its a bad thing at all, it’s kind of interesting. If i want to plan a future goal of £20,000 i now know typically how many bets i need to make in order to get close to that figure. And if i want to get to that figure more quickly i wonder if i can scale up my activity?

One thing i did well this month was to stay super disciplined. Sometimes it is easy to forget or disregard the weekly bet club offers, such as SKy Bet’s bet £25 get a £5 free bet. However, there are a fair few of these offers and they provide a really decent base level of income. In this month alone i have made over £100 from the various weekly bet club offers. As i mentioned before, the key is disciple because there are better offers out there i personally get the feel that these are sometimes not as good and therefore forget to do them. In reality you can just do all of them, you can do the weekly bet offers that guarantee you the £3 per bookie per week as well as the amazing offers from Bet 365 such as bet £50 get £50 in the Champions League. The discipline comes with being a bit greedy and just doing as many offers as you can.

In May i expect there to be a less offers around, especially with the football season coming to a close. So in terms of target i will set myself a goal of £500 profit for May and anything over that is just a bonus.

Updated match betting results can be seen here

Cheltenham Festival Match Betting Always Delivers – Month Eighteen

Another great Cheltenham Festival rolls by and so does the opportunity to make a healthy profit. I set out at the beginning of the month to make £1000 in March and i am pretty happy with the fact i made just shy of that.

Through Cheltenham festival and the rest of March i managed to make £928.84 from match betting. This means my daily average was an awesome £30.96 per day. That said the amount i made per bet wasn’t necessarily any better than normal as it came in at just under £3 (£2.97 per bet). The reason for my increased profit is simply the volume of bets i made, mainly due to the increased opportunity from the Cheltenham Festival . In total i made 313 bets made with the at least 250 of these being horse related offers

Horse related offers are pretty interesting and they add an additional dynamic to match betting. I find myself getting excited when i get a close match with hardly any qualifying loss. I then go on to watch the horse race and pray for a 2nd place result – it’s a strange feeling that most match betters will understand.

I had one race in in the Cheltenham festival when i needed one horse to win to get a £25 free bet, one horse to no win to get a £20 free bet and 3 to come 2nd. It was such a great feeling when the winner i needed came in, one of the 2nd offer horses came 2nd and the horse i didn’t want to win didn’t. This netted me a risk free bets to the tune of £55 for the one race – now that doesn’t happen very often, unless you make a lot of bets, and trust me there are better people out there than me that do this very often.

I imagine April will be a little bit of a comedown from Cheltenham as the horse offers die down and i’m back to football and the other bits and bobs. Therefore i am looking to make around £500 for April with a focus on making some more money from accumulator bets and getting more comfortable with putting them on.

I have updated my monthly match betting results with this months bets and profits. Here you can see the money i have made over time and the type of offers i have done.

Accumulator Match Betting – Month Seventeen

One thing i have learned over the past 17 months of match betting is that you have to constantly adapt the way you make money. At the beginning it’s all about the signup offers such as deposit £30 and get a £30 free bet. To be honest they were the easy days as you could clearly see where your income was going to come from and also know for sure that if you bet £30 with a £1 qualifying loss that was ok because you would ensure a profit of at least £24 from the free bet that was coming. So once you have finished the majority of sign up match betting offers – whats next?

Something i have started this month, and in hindsight i should have started sooner is accumulator bets. They are tricker to get your head round compared to the standard back and lay bet. However, the benefit of accumulator bets is that they are there at all times. For example WIlliam Hill have an amazing accumulator bet offer. Bet £50 on at least 5 matches as an accumulator bet and if one leg fails to win you will receive a £50 free bet. Now the way we make money out of this is quite simple and in a nutshell goes like this:

  • You find 5 legs all with close back and lay odds (now they may move over time but that’s just part of the process)
  • The matches have to be sequential, so one has to finish after the other (this is because the lay of the next match is in relation to the outcome of the one before it)
  • Once you have your 5 sequential bets you then lay off the first one and wait for the result
  • You then keep laying your bet until one loses (key thing to note here si that you need a spreadsheet with the correct formula in order to get the right lay
  • Because of the guaranteed benefit of the free bet if one leg loses you then have ensured a profit

Typically with an accumulator bet you will make around £10 for a £50 bet. It’s probably advisable that you don’t just straight into £50 bets though. You may want to work your way up.

For February i have made £414.05 in total. This equates to an average of £13.80 per day over 133 betting transactions. This means in February i have made £3.11 per bet. Considering a bet takes 5 minutes these days, i’m pretty happy with that.

Next month is Cheltenham Festival which is like Christmas time for match betting. My aim for March is to make around £1000 and hit as many horse related offers as possible.

I have updated my monthly match betting results. Click here to see more details about my match betting profits since i started.

New Year Great Start – Month Sixteen

WOW, what an amazing month. I have never done a darts offer before, i’m not sure i even understand how darts even works. (Is darts even a sport?) Well the good news is i don’t need to know how it works in order to make some decent money from match betting darts.

As a premium player for a well known bookie i was given possibly the best offer i have ever seen in match betting. The offer was a bet £150 and get a £30 free bet – every day of the darts. This was the easiest money i have ever been able to make whilst match betting, and more importantly i was able to do the offer every day for the majority of the month.

For January 2017 i was able to make £934.65 for the month, making it one of my best months to date. I think at least half of that income has come directly from the darts offer that i did every day. I just hope i am able to do the offer again next time a major darts event is on.  

I have updated my match betting results with this months profits and bets.

Christmas Match Betting – Month Fifteen

I always get a week to ten days off at Christmas which is nice, some more time to spend with the family and relax. This year, that also meant a bit more time to spend on match betting. This month I broke up from work a little earlier giving me a full 11 days off work and as the whole office shuts down for Christmas it meant there was no way I would be called in or required to do anything.

Chrismas itself didn’t bring any special match betting offers, however you do tend to get some extra ITV races and more premier league games to bet on. The upside is that I also have a bit of extra time to get osm qualifying bets on, to try and win a few extra free bets.

I have also recently become a premium member for one of the bookies. They basically see me as a premium punter and as a result, I get all sorts of extra offers thrown at me. I have now been a premium player for 2 weeks or so, but I am taking it slow, building up the number of offers I hit and the volumes I go for each time. I don’t want it to look like I am just taking all the value from them straight away as that might make it obvious that I am a match betting enthusiast. The offers do look encouraging though, there is a weekly in play football offer and potentially some huge free bets to earn from the upcoming darts.

I was a little disappointed this month with my profits. I did put in some extra time and effort, which didn’t translate into extra income. In December I made £512 match betting. This is just above my £500 monthly target, but with the extra time off work and effort put in, I thought I would be able to get closer to £600 / £700 for the month.

Next month I will start to bet a bit more on the premium player account I mentioned above. They appear to have some outstanding weekly offers as well as a potentially lucrative darts offer that begins early in In Jan. My new years’ resolution will be to up the effort and aim to make closer to £600 a month for the whole of 2017.


Raising The Match Betting Bar – Month Fourteen

As my first year of match betting drew to an end I decided to do a bit of reflection. I am a bit of a data geek, I keep all sorts of match betting information including transactions, profit, losses types of offers etc. I keep this information as it helps me learn and develop my match betting strategies. One thing that’s is an absolute golden rule for match betting is keep learning and adapting your methods. The offers from bookies change all the time so you just need to use the forum and advice from Profit Accumulator and learn these new ways to make a profit.

Going forward I am planning to raise the bar a little. In year one I cleared £5k of profit, but in year two I want to raise my aspirations to £7k. I still have a full-time job that’s pretty time demanding and also have 2 small children. So I don’t want match betting to take over my life, I just want to be super smart with my time and get a good return on my time investment.

This month I made £624.92 match betting. This makes October my second best month of match betting ever. This is a great start to my new £7k target and puts me slightly ahead already. I am now starting to make a consistent level of earnings from casino offers, enhanced odds, weekly free bets as well as the random offers that come up from bookmakers.

If there are any particular areas of interest to cover on this monthly blog then please comment. I am more than happy to focus on a specific subject each month as well as my income roundup.

Second Year Match Betting – Month Thirteen

I am finally into my second year of match betting. I never thought going into this match betting journey that I would be a year down the line making over £500 a month with plenty of future money making options ahead of me. If i a am truly honest I thought this would be something I would do for a few months, make a bit of money and then move on to some other money making idea.

I am a pretty open individual when it comes to making money online. I know there are plenty of people out there making great money in their spare time. So when I hear about an opportunity I will always give it time, rationalise the concept in my head and then do a bit of research. When I was introduced to Match Betting and the Profit Accumulator service it took me about a month to consider taking the next step. I remember thinking that £200 starting balance and a £125 subscription was a big investment. But a year later and £6k in pure profit shows it’s really nothing to worry about. And this is partly why I decided to make an open and transparent blog, something that is real to me. The blog helps me keep track and motivated, but also offers a real insight to anyone considering match betting.

For the month of September 2016, I made £487.18 match betting. This is just shy of my £500 target, but it was my birthday this month and I had a lot going on.

Next month will see the real kick off for my second-year match betting. In year two my aim is to smash the £10k mark and work towards £15k of pure profit. There are some really good offers around at the moment such as weekly refunds and accumulators, so I am pretty confident with my year’s experience that I will be able to hit this number.

If anyone ever wants any information, advice or has a comment to make please do so below. Always happy to help.



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