How I Made £5k From Match Betting – Month Twelve

So my first year of match betting has finally come. In the last 12 months, I have managed to make £5k from match betting, starting with as little as £200 and a subscription to Profit Accumulator. Match betting really is one of the best things I have ever done, its enabled to build up £5,000 worth of savings, just by making a few bets per day.

How I made £5k from Match Betting

If you have been following my journey, read any of my previous posts or looked at my results page then you will know how I have made £5k from match betting. It has taken me 12 months to do it, and I invested only a small amount of £200 at the beginning to do it. By simply making a few bets per day, earning free bets and betting on both outcomes when bookies offer boosts I have been able to build up my profits. Some moths have been better than others and I have made the odd mistake along the way. However, when you look at it as a whole the stats show the profits that I have been able to make.

Anyone can do Match Betting

Match betting isn’t a difficult thing to do, once you have your head around the basics. With 90{c7c848de4ea1f7a897051dc2551070b54b0212220fc7059e50068651d400e6cd} of the offers, you are simply betting on one outcome and then betting against that same outcome. Byt covering both outcomes you then earn a free bet, and it’s from that free bet that you make a profit. You then simply repeat this process over and over again with different bookies and different promotions in order to build your profits.

How much can you make from Match Betting

So far I have made £5k match betting, but I have read of forums about people who are making £1,500 a month. It’s completely possible to make £1,500 a month from match betting and if I allocated more time to it I could too. For me, match betting is a toss up between time and money, and I fit match betting around my already busy lifestyle. I am a dad of 2 with a full-time job in management, so I can’t get on every offer. But what it does offer me is the ability to build up some savings that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

If you are a single person with not many commitments and you don’t mind giving an hour or two a day to match betting then you could easily make £2,000 a month. If you are like me and want to fit it around your busy life and £500 makes a huge difference then you can easily do that too. It all depends on what you want to achieve.

Trust me there are some big boys out there. On one of the forums I am on there are a few guys who have made over £100k match betting, and they can prove it. It simply seems astonishing to think this is possible, and fair play to them, I hope they keep going and make even more.

How do I start Match Betting

It couldn’t be any easier to start match betting. You just need to do 4 things:

  1. Sign up to Profit Accumulator (or one of the other subscription services)
  2. Set aside a small bankroll of money so you can start the offers
  3. Keep doing the offers in the correct odrder as shown in the subscription services
  4. keep learning as you do

If you want to start match betting then please click the links here to set an account up with Profit Accumulator. If you have any questions then please feel free to ask.

Time off Match Betting – Month Eleven

One of the best times of the year is the summer and what’s better than going on a summer holiday with the family. As I stick to my rules of not letting match betting get in the way of my family I decided to take 2 weeks off. There were not many offers and sporting events around in July anyway, so it didn’t really matter.

As a result of taking a few weeks out, and there not being many offers I only made £166.41 this month. In total, I only made 48 bets, which is the second lowest amount of bets since I started.

Next month will mark my one year anniversary. A full 12 months of match betting. So I will aim to make a decent profit so I can hopefully round the first year off with over £5k of match betting profit. I am less than £100 off that golden £5k mark, so I am pretty confident I will smash it for the year.

I have been reading online recently about accumulator offers, they seem a little tricky but do also provide a nice stable amount of profit for other match betters. It looks like the ideal time to start these offers is when the football season starts up again. From what I have been reading, accumulator offers to guarantee a profit from the bookies that give an insurance if one of the games doesn’t win. So the extra value comes through the potential of a free bet.

My plans for next month are to finish the year off with £5k clear profit for the year and look into accumulator match betting as a means to further increase my monthly profits.

Keep Learning About Match Betting – Month Ten

The more you learn the more you earn, this is my month’s motto for match betting. As the football season stopped it seemed like the offers were all but gone for the summer months. But with the reduction in football offers there was gladly more time to spend on the ever-present horse racing offers.

I did quite a few horses offers back in March but didn’t really do many of them after that. But as there isn’t much football to bet on I thought I would turn my match betting efforts to the sports that would continue through the summer. One of the good things about horse racing offers was that they are consistently available through both midweek and at the weekends. More interestingly the great offer that Bet 365 offered in the Cheltenham Festival was actually available on most televised races.

In June I managed to make £471,19 for the month. I am really happy with making almost £500 profit, especially when at the start of the month I wasn’t too sure how I was going to make it. I did make quite a lot of transactions this month, 151 to be precise. This means I actually did a few more bets than I normally do in order to make the £471. If you divide it up, I made £3.10 per transaction. That said when you work it out that its still amazing money. A typical bet takes 3 minutes to do and in this month I made £3.10 each time.

My profit is building up nicely and my short-term goal now is to get that amount to £5,000. There is something pretty exciting about making £5000 from match betting and I really hope I can hit that mark by September.

A Slow Start to the Summer – Month Nine

It feels like summer is just around the corner. The football season is drawing to a close and the offers around football seem to be less than in previous months. I imagine this is typical with match betting, there is clearly going to be times int he year that are more profitable than others, especially when you consider sporting events that only happen at certain times.

In May I made £348.64 which is lower than my £500 target and less than previous months. That said, my total now is up to £4,283 in 9 months. When you divide my current total profits by the number of months I have been doing match betting it works out at an average of £475.88 per month, which inst far off my goal.

Like last month, I did a few more casino offers in May. The casino offers turned out to be beneficial again adding a further £127.35 to my profit pot. The funny thing about casino offers is that the first time offers to seem to be really profitable, but the existing customer ones seem to bring in less profit if anything they feel like more of a cost.

I’m worried next month might also be a bit quiet given the football season has drawn to an end. I will still aim to make that £500 profit and continue to learn more about match betting. Something I have noticed over the last 9 months is that the type of offers seem to evolve and bookies that had great offers back in December 2015 literally have none at the moment. I guess that’s why it’s important to keep learning and have the assistance of a subscription service like Profit Accumulator. (I wouldn’t have made my £4,283 bank if I didn’t sign up to Profit Accumulator)

A Good Match Betting Run – Month Eight

Wow. So I feel like I am on such a good run with match betting at the moment. Last month was incredible and making over £1000 really got me inspired to keep up the momentum. I now treat match betting like a mini business and it definitely pays off. Every transaction I make is logged and each month I take stock of my accounts and profits to ensure it all matches up.

This month I have made £621.66, a cool £166 over my month target. I did this by simply betting more and making more transactions. In total, I made 144 bets which worked out at £4.32 per bet that I made. When you look at the data and results it is clear that the more effort you put in the more profit you make.

Like last month, there is a lot to bet on at the moment with horse racing, and the football season coming to an end. But one of the really interesting things I did this month that I hadn’t done previously was a casino offer. Now casino offers are a little different to straight up match betting, some casino offers come with risk and some are completely risk-free. But before you do any casino offers you need to check the terms and conditions and ensure you are doing it safely and understand the risks associated, if there are any. This is where having a Profit Accumulator subscription is worth every penny. They tell you what game to use, what stake size to use and what your risk is. I would stress this isn’t something for people to do on day one for their match betting journey, but when you have a decent bank and experience you can start doing them.

The casino offers I did this month made me an awesome £150.65 in pure profit. This was such an easy profit to make on top of my usual football and horse racing match betting offers.

Next month I will definitely look into making more from the casino offers and do some more research into what type of offers are available.

Match Betting Cheltenham Festival – Month Seven

Match betting the Cheltenham was such a fun experience. I know it sounds a little geeky, but if you are anything like me and enjoy making a profit through something technically risk-free then you will completely understand where I am coming from.

Just as planned, I managed to make in excess of £1000 match betting Cheltenham Festival. To be exact I made £1037.65 in just 30 days. This works out at an amazing £34.59 every single day of the month. I couldn’t even dream of making over £30 a day tax-free six months ago, and now I have done it.

There is so much to bet on in the Cheltenham Festival as it’s spread out over 4 days with bookies offering daily deals and race special offers. Because there was so much to offer I managed to do 185 bets within the month meaning every bet I made was worth £5.61.

I said in last months blog that the Cheltenham Festival is like Christmas for someone who does match betting. Well, I can assure you that’s exactly how it feels. I was really surprised how much of a buzz I got from making the money and there is nothing better than doing something that is both enjoyable and profitable.

One thing I have never really mentioned on my match betting blog is which bookies I make the most money within a given month. For this month Sky Bet, 888 sport and Bet 365 were the most profitable bookies for me. Sky had a daily offer which you could guarantee a profit from, 888 had a refund on each race and Bet 365 had this amazing deal where if you selection won you would get a free bet. The Bet 365 offer was a really interesting one as you were not guaranteed a free bet, but if you backed and lay a close bet and it then goes on to win, you essentially make nothing from the bet but gain a free bet which you can then use to make a profit.

The offers I mentioned above are specifically for existing customers and can seem a little daunting at first. But I can assure you they are really straightforward. I am only 6 months into my match betting experience and I’m already doing horse refund offers. If this sort of thing interests you then I would strongly recommend you start match betting yourself.

Prepare For Cheltenham – Month Six

I have been reading a lot about match betting as I go through my journey and increase my profits. One thing I have learnt over the last month is that Cheltenham Horse festival is like Christmas day for someone who does Match Betting. Looking back at old forum posts I have learnt that people are making £1,000, £2,000 and even £3,000 within that 4 day period. With that in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to prepare for the event that’s due next month (March). In order to prepare for match betting Cheltenham Festival, I decided to make sure I opened up all the accounts I needed for the best offers and also made a few horse bets on each account. I don’t want it to look like I am just doing horse bets because of the offers that are available, because if I do that it will be obvious to the bookies and they will probably restrict me from getting future offers.

In February I have made £345.47 from match betting, but I have already built up a few bets to use in the Cheltenham Festival next month.

My plan for March is to hit a lot of the offers for the Cheltenham Festival and hopefully make over £1000 in March. Based on what I have read it looks like this will definitely be possible. Like I have always said, I don’t want match betting to take over my life or interfere with my job, but if I can make £1000 with the same principles then I will be ecstatic.

New Year, New Start – Month Five

A new year a new start, and plenty of resolutions. But the year didn’t start exactly as I hoped it to. I was hoping to continue my success from December and make over £500 again. But this month I fell short.

In January I made £293.43 from match betting – most of this profit came from free bets and the weekly offers that bookies give out. These offers are pretty lucrative and can you can do them every single week. These type of offers are commonly referred to as reload offers. When I first started Match betting I thought the offers might dry up after going through the sign ups. But that’s definitely not the case as most bookies offer some form of promotion on a weekly basis, and you can ensure a profit from most of these offers.

The main reason my profits were lower than anticipated in January is simply down to the fact I did less transactions. I only made 66 bets and the reason I made less bets was due to the lack of sports activity going on; it seemed like a really quite post-Christmas month.

When you break the results down, I still made an average of £9.78 a day and over £4.45 per transaction. If I was to be critical on myself I would say I need to simply do more offers. Reflecting back I would probably say I was being picky and just doing the offers that were easy and sports I liked to do.

Keeping a log of all my bets, transactions and profits is a really good way to post analyse how I made the profits from that month. It also helps keep an eye on where I am making most of my profit from so I can aim to do more of that activity. Since I have started match betting I have made 477 betting transactions taking my profits to almost £2,000. It’s been less than 6 months and I physically have £2,000 more than I had when I started this. And the best thing is, I don’t have to pay tax and it simply fits around my life.

Make £500 a month Match Betting – Month Four

Making £500 in a month from a few hours a week match betting is really a great feeling. This is the first time I have managed to make over £500 in a single month and I’m really happy with it. When I set out doing match betting my goal was to try and make £500 (£6k a year) every month. I knew some months would be better than others and I also knew it might take me a while to get up to speed with the process and offers.

My match betting profits for December were £566.98 meaning I hit my goal of getting my overall profits to in excess of £1500 by the end of the year. In fact I managed to get my match betting bank to £1636.63.

In December I did 125 betting transactions, which is less activity than last month but I managed to make more money. When you break it down the daily profit I made was just over £18 and each transaction was worth almost £4.50. When you consider a single bet takes around 5 minutes to make this is pretty easy money.


Enhanced Odds Profit – Month Three

November was a really busy month with over 170 betting transactions. The month was not as profitable as I hoped meaning I put in a bit more effort and didn’t get returns as high as I wished. That said, I still made over £2 per transaction and I cleared profit again. I was able to add a 49{c7c848de4ea1f7a897051dc2551070b54b0212220fc7059e50068651d400e6cd} increase to the total value of my bank since starting match betting.

This month I made a grand total of £379.58 mainly through sign up offers and enhanced odds that bookies offer. Enhanced odds are an interesting and very straight forward way to make money. Unlike sign up offers, there is no need to create a new betting account with a new bookie, instead you use the accounts you already have and back/lay something where a bookie has provided boosted odds. This was the first month I have done any match betting offers with enhanced odds, so I thought I would explain how they work.

How to make money from enhanced bookie odds

Once you understand the basics of backing and laying a bet this will be very easy to understand. If you not sure how to back and lay a bet then read this article first.

So let’s look at an example:

Stake: £20
Bookmaker enhanced odds: 3.5
Smarkets lay odds: 3 (commission 2{c7c848de4ea1f7a897051dc2551070b54b0212220fc7059e50068651d400e6cd})

You would lay: £23.49

Bookmaker bet wins: £3.02
Smarkets bet wins: £3.02

So you will make £3.02 whatever the bet outcome – and that literally takes 2 minutes to do.

In this example a bookie is offering a match winner enhanced odds of 3.5 and the lay of that same outcome on Smarkets is 3. Because there is a difference in the odds and it’s lower at the exchange, you can ensure you make a profit from any outcome

Usually with enhanced odds you are limited to stakes of £10 or £20 with some going as high as £50 on rare occasions. However, they do offer a very quick way to make some profit and when you consider time vs profit they shouldn’t be ignored.

Overall I was pretty happy with my match betting activity in November. I was able to increase my bank (amount of money I use for match betting) by a further 49{c7c848de4ea1f7a897051dc2551070b54b0212220fc7059e50068651d400e6cd} and take my total to in excess of £1000. My plan for December is to make my first £500 within a month and finish the year with a bank of over £1500.

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