Tracking Match Betting Profits – Month Two

I have just entered the second month of match betting. So far things are going pretty well and I am increasing my profits every single month and the offers I am doing are taking less time as I get more use to the way match betting works. For me, one of the most important things is that the money I make needs to fit well into my life balance and shouldn’t take up too much time. So going forward I am going to track every single transaction I make within a month, so I then know how much I have made on each type of offer and with what bookie

Data definitely helps you formulate a strategy, so by knowing more about the way you have made your profits in the past I believe I will be more informed about how I can make more profits in the future.

I have made £296.47 in October, my second month of match betting. This is less than I hoped for within the month, however when I look back at the offers I have done I can see I could have done more offers that I did. In October I did 70 betting transactions meaning I have made £4.24 per transaction. So the amount I made per transaction was good, but the volume of bets was relatively low.

Next month my plan is to hit the £1000 profit mark. This is such a huge milestone in the start of my match betting journey and I will be so proud to say; “I made £1000 from match betting”. I know it sounds massively ambitious at this stage, but my overall target is to make £500 a month from match betting over the next 5 years making my top goal:

To make £30,000 from match betting. 


Start Match Betting – Month One

So after a lot of research, reading and talking over with my friend, I finally decided to start match betting. After only 25 days in I’m not sure why I was ever reluctant. I guess one of the main things that held me back from taking the initial step was the thought of “why isn’t everyone doing this” because this is one of the easiest ways to make a little money on the side.

I stated match betting on the 5th of September, signed up to Profit Accumulator and set aside £200 of cash to do the offers. It’s now the 30th of September and time for my first blog post about the experience.

In my first month of match betting, I have made £425.38 – Super happy with this and can’t believe I made over £400 from a £200 bank balance, which takes my total to over £600 into October.

I have read a lot online about people making £1000’s a month match betting. I don’t really have any expectations that this is going to make me a millionaire, however, if I can make £500 a month tax-free cash, to build up some life savings then I will be pretty happy. So going forward this is exactly what my aim will be.

Timewise I spent about an hour a night reading, researching and doing the offers. In total, I made 46 bets which took about 3 minutes each when backing and laying. So when you break that down that’s a profit of £9.25 bet that I have made.

In October my plan is to build up my bank by hopefully the same again and complete more of the match betting sign up offers.

If anyone is asking the question – How do I start match betting, then my advice is to sign up, do the research and get doing the offers. I’m less than a month in and super happy with the decision.


A New Start

Welcome to my new Match Betting blog. This area will be full of information about exactly how I make £500 a month via this method. I will detail exactly what type of offers I am working on each month and how my profits are broken down.

In this section there will also be lots of match betting hints and tips, things I have learnt along the way. There will also mentions of mistakes and errors because we all make mistakes at some point.

Please feel free to comment on any post at any time. And if you have any questions please ask.

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